About CCT


CCT’s members come from a variety of countries and backgrounds, and speak different languages but – as suggested by our name – we strive for the well being of our members and neighbors through community building and organizing. We are unique among Massachusetts immigrant workers’ centers in that our staff and leadership are drawn exclusively from the immigrant worker community we serve.

We have a Three-Pronged Approach:


First, we make information available to our members and broader community; focusing especially on providing information regarding rights in the workplace and human rights.

Second, if the rights of our community are violated, we provide the tools to organize and seek support as well as leadership training.

Third, we help our community members devise effective strategies to take action to resolve any rights violations, and create a more dignified work space.

Throughout, we focus on effecting long term changes that will empower and dignify immigrant workers. We believe in creating a space where the members our community can further develop community organizing skills while discussing the issues we find important.