Human Relations Commission Visits CCT

On February 1st CCT was pleased to welcome leaders of the New Bedford Human Relations Commission, an entity of the municipal government. These leaders facilitated a community discussion on community issues and concerns.

Facilitators of this Dialogue Circle explained to the community that city government officials are interested in knowing the key concerns of New Bedfords post-2016 election communities. As a city heavily influenced and driven by immigrants, they had a particular interest in meeting with the Central American community through CCT. Here we were able to provide Participants in this dialogue circle noted concerns such as racial profiling, and Sheriff Hodgson’s plan to accept federal funds to collaborate with Immigration officials. The discussion concluded that a key concern for Central American community in New Bedford is a distrust of police and government officials, due to an even stronger fear that the Central American Community is now being targeted for removal from the community. Members of the Human Relations Commission assured CCT members that they will be able to trust government officials and that the New Bedford Chief of police is working to weed out racist law enforcement officers.

Below are some images of the event which included a simple supper in addition to the community discussion.

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