Supporting workers at Bob’s Tires

On Thursday October 6th CCT joined the United Food and Commercial Workers union in support of workers at Bob’s Tire Co. Many leaders from clergy to mayor Jon Mitchell of New Bedford joined us to push for better working conditions at this recycling plant. As some of our readers may recall, workers at Bob’s Tire Co. voted to unionize in September 2015, but the owner has since refused to sign a unión contract. Now that the entire New Bedford community has gathered in solidarity with the workers, we excitedly await change at Bob’s Tire Co.


Mayor Mitchell expressing his support for Bob’s Tire workers

Allies from the Chilean community in Boston express their support for Bob’s Tire workers.

Kim Wilson of the Greater Southeastern Massachusetts Labor Council reads a letter of support from the director of the AFL-CIO in Maine

After their shift, workers from Bob’s Tires rode together on a bus to the action outside the New Bedford Public Library.

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